Link Outreach: Things that Carry Real Value and Bring Success

Posted on August 13, 2019 by SEO Denver Inc

There’s no denying the fact that OUTREACH can make or break a company’s SEO results, so SEO companies must formulate winning outreach strategies and execute them to perfection with the right processes to bring about the desired outcomes. The fundamental goal of outreach is to create valuable backlinks from another website to your own or the client’s website. This helps users to navigate between pages on the internet. Search engines also crawl the links between the individual pages on your website and between the other websites too.

The ultimate goal of link outreach is link building to increase organic visibility through backlinks from other websites. Moreover, the links acquired from link outreach improve organic rankings and expose the company to new audiences that in return drive organic and referral traffic to your website. Many times, these serve secondary purposes of expanding brand awareness and strengthening credibility. Keeping all these things in mind, an outreach team must cover these prominent points:

Link building best practices: Detailed knowledge of what Google considers a good link or a bad link.

Target Markets: Find out the target publishing websites that are really useful and relevant for you.

Content Development: Content is King. Create and provide quality content to the readers so that they cannot deny you a link.

Effective Communication: For successful outreach, your way of approaching and communication must be effective and convincing.

Review and Analysis: Expert reviews and analysis for outreach performance are the key to successful outreach.

Link Outreach is hard but it is not impossible at all. But because it’s a manual and grueling process, we can’t use social sharing to build links. So if you want to know what actually works for outreach and how can we make it less painful and more successful, here’s the answer:

The real tactic that lies behind outreach is the exchange of Value. For instance, if you are going to ask someone or attempting to get a link from someone, if you don’t provide VALUE, you are lowering your success rate. Or simply said, your success rate will be extremely low as compared to your counterparts who do provide value. So the link you get is the direct exchange for the value you provide.

Things that carry real value and can help you get success:

Unique Research: You need to reference unique research that provides immense knowledge and techniques along with value to entities and content creators. So the research and visuals that you provide help to show the data can provide real value. The research performed will never go in vain; it helps you to produce the best outcomes.

High-Quality Visuals: Visual content is more accepted by people as compared to long written content. Infographics, images, videos, can be high-quality visuals and can work in various sectors. Charts, drawings, illustrations, and customized graphics can be more valuable where others are using monotonous content and simple images only. So create value and provide value. 

Embeddable Content: This is wonderful as it naturally acquires the link by giving them the tool or calculator that gives the authority to embed if they would like to. Hence you get that link as part of the embed and will be proved valuable. 

API’s and data plus business development: Though these are tough to build, they are very valuable. If you are providing data to big organizations on a daily basis that help you with backlinks then you need not find websites and communicate with people on a daily basis to get links. 

Creative and Targeted Content: There is a difference between content and targeted content. Provide the content that makes your target look good and that stands out in its own way. The content must be tailored to the website where you want to get it published. 

How can Link Building be beneficial for your business?

Evidently, links are very essential signals that search engines use to determine the rankings. So, increasing the number of high-quality backlinks can significantly increase the chances for your website to rank well.

Here are the potential benefits to link building through link outreach:

Relationship Building

The outreach is directly related to the promotion of the content or infographic that you have created. The primary goal of link outreach is to get a link but there is still much more than this. Outreach assists in building relationships with vital influencers in your industry and these relationships are witness to your highly regarded and trusted business. Building relationships with advocates of the industry is highly valuable in itself if we forget link building for a moment. 

Referral Traffic

No doubt links leave a greater impact on rankings, but as you know, links are also responsible for driving huge referral traffic. If you are getting links from a relevant website, chances are that the potential visitors are also relevant and hence lead to an increase in sales also. Hence the value of links is not just about SEO, but about customers too.

Brand Building

Along with all the aforementioned benefits, link building helps to build your brand and establish you as an authority in your niche. Many link building techniques, for instance content creation, can assist you in showing the expertise of your company and this can go a long way towards building your brand. You can post content telling about your company, brand and expertise and send it for backlinks; this can help gain potential customers and visibility for your brand. 

To Wrap Up

For successful link outreach, you must opt for the right approach for building powerful strategies that help you get the desired results. Spend your time and efforts wisely to expand your target market and develop new projects that are the basis of new collaborations and strategic partnerships. You can also seek help from expert SEO and link building companies to guide you through the process. 

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